A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Well, this is my first LD game. Also my first "finished" game.

In this game, you are the turrents. To destroy the ship is your mission. Can you save the galaxy again?

To be frankly this game is not really fun. I think the really joy about this game is to expect how simple it would be then play it feeling the taste of.... who knows =p

For some of you guys intersting in my game materials, code of this game is free software licensed by GPLv3, the other assets is licensed by CC BY-SA 4.0, feel free use them under the term.

You can get all the codes and assets from my GitHub repo.

Install instructions

For GNU/Linux user: please execute the file "run.sh" to play this game.

If you are useing a graphical file manager then you may need to set "run.sh" as "executable" berfore double-clicking it.

If you prefer command line (like me), type "chmod u+x run.sh" to change its permissions then run it by "./run.sh".

For Windows user: just double-click "galaxyForce_win32.exe"


GNU/Linux 2 MB
Windows 5 MB